iOS Developer – /Amsterdam – relocation and visa included

As an Apple iPhone/ iPad OS mobile application developer, you will be developing and extending the existing code base of our applications. You will work with colleagues in the mobile team and with external developers to improve and implement features which our users interact with directly. The successful candidate will be passionate about coding and have an excellent eye for detail and an absolute commitment to making sure features are well implemented. Your role is within the development team, part of a growing team of mobile specialists based in Amsterdam.

Key responsibilities
  • Maintain and enhance our iOS applications
  • Translate business requirements and mock-ups into fully functioning features
  • Partner with designers to help define and implement User Interfaces
  • Provide estimates on development cycles
  • Implement conversion experiments (A/B tests)
  • Work with other teams on server-side integration

Required Skills and Experience

  • Experience with iOS application development using the iOS SDK
  • Knowledge of Cocoa, Objective-C and Xcode
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented concepts and a strong passion for software development
  • 5+ years of experience as a developer
  • Strong interaction and design sense
  • Self-motivated to explore new technologies, applications and environments
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, team-player
  • Fully comfortable working in English, both in writing and spoken
  • Willing/Able to relocate to Amsterdam

It would be a plus if you had:

  • Experience with Apple Approval & Distribution Process, Ad Hoc & Enterprise Distribution
  • An approved Store App
  • SQL knowledge and/or willingness to learn
  • Experience working with A/B testing


We offer a competitive salary plus bonus, with possibilities for further career opportunities within our fast growing company. This position is open to worldwide candidates and in the case of relocation we will assist you with a relocation package insuring a smooth transition to working and living in the Netherlands.

Please submit your CV and motivation/cover letter in English following the link at our corporate web page.

NOUS iOS Developer

Location: Vienna (Austria) / Denver (US)

iOS Developer

Your responsibilities

  • You are responsible for independent software development (programing, testing,
  • documentation) in the area of mobile clients (iPhone, iPad)
  • Working closely with backend developers and developers on an international team.
  • Focus implementation on usability and interface design.

Your profile

  • Your iPhone is your constant companion, we are looking for a mind that thinks in
  • iPhone Apps and wants to inspire others with your unique ideas.
  • You have relevant experience in developing innovative projects in Objective-C and the Cocoa Framework.
  • You have a good knowledge of the mobile Internet and related technologies.
  • Must have a university degree or equivalent with work experience in
  • the field of iOS development.
  • You are a team player with the Austrian and L.A. based team of designers and developers.

What to expect

  • A passionate and experienced team of developers.
  • Working in an innovative and dynamic market with a great future and
  • lots ofopportunities.
  • Flexibility and short decision paths.
  • Development opportunities in one of the most respected MobileAgencies

Be Part of It

Do you see yourself, as a member of a multinational team shaping the way people will communicate in the future? NOUS is an expanding business headquartered in Vienna Austria, with branch offices in Copenhagen Denmark, San Francisco, CA and Denver, CO (USA). We act as partners of distinguished cultural institutions and companies from a variety of sectors and we integrate state of the art projects on three continents you can imagine being part of our team, please send us your cover letter and a meaningful résumé. We offer a dynamic working environment and merit-based salary. Please respond to

Video Chat Project

Minneapolis, MN (USA)  company looking for an iOS developer to write a video chat component for iPhone and iPad.

Your part will: 1. Receive H264 video and AAC audio over RTSP, uncompress the stream, and play it on the iPhone, and 2. Get video and audio frames from the iPhone camera and microphone, and then compress and send them over RTSP.

Right now, the best option seems to be using ffmpeg and live555, but if you have experience in something else, that’s fine. This needs to drop into an existing program, so it must work in a native Xcode application (we could compile it as a static library as long as you provided a way to communicate via Objective-C).

You can work from wherever in the world you live, and pricing is negotiable. We will provide full specifications of exactly what we need before you start working. If interested, please call Dave Solberg at +1 612 216 8599.

Full-time iOS developer (telecommute) | Figmenta LTD

Employment type: Full time
Telecommute:  Allowed

Are you a iOS enthusiast and expert? If so, read on … this job might be for you!
Are you sick and tired of trying to find new clients? Are you fed up with negotiating and dealing with them?
Are you looking forward to working with a team of creative geeks, comfortably from home?

If so, then this is the perfect job for you!

We are a full-service digital agency specialized on web, mobile and social media platform design & development, based in ITALY (Milan). Our site:

Working for us you’ll be able to manage all your tasks and activities from your home place with only one thing to keep in mind: us, Figmenta!. You’ll become fully part of our team, closely working at distance with a full-time regular contract.
We are familiar with this working method which has proven to be very successful with other professionals from our worldwide network. Believe us, it works!

Full-time availability is preferred. Part-time allowed only if you have extraordinary skills.

We want to create a quality product that is stable, maintainable, and works well.
To be considered for this position you MUST have :

  • solid oop skills working with Objective-C
  • iOS SDK knowledge
  • Xcode  knowledge
  • know how to consume web services to build applications that interact with a web based backend

NO graphic skills are required! And never will J!

You’ll become a full member of the Figmenta team, getting the same benefits of a contractor in your country. We believe in strong team players and creative minds that share the same international vision we have.

Our requirements:

  • daily results tracking and ability to build strong relationship with our Project Management team.
  • good command of English (written and spoken), plus availability to connect on Skype/gTalk.

To apply for this position please send your resume and cover letter to:

Please do not apply if:
– you are still studying/training or if you are not a iOS expert. THIS IS NOT AN INTERNSHIP!
– you want to manage your career as an entrepreneur.

Competitive salary based on skills and experience. This is an opening for up to three professionals.

How to Tweet Jobs

We are following several keyword searches on Twitter to learn about iOS and Mac-related tweets as soon as they happen. Most of the world has not heard about Xcode Jobs yet, so if the mountain does not come to the prophet, then the prophet has to find the mountain.

Our @XcodeJobs twitter feed has gathered around 700 followers by now who appreciate the at-a-glance stream of high quality jobs floating by. Be it somebody actively looking or somebody who just would like to know the market, the idea is that you see the tweeted job announcements when they happen.

We believe that for the most part good developers are looking to work with people that are interesting and likable (why did Autocorrection try to change that to  likable?) and who are working for companies with the same attributes. This is the reason why we prefer to retweet “new style” which preserves the original poster and message. The old style makes these tweets look like they come from us and you probably know how the Xcode icon looks like. The original poster’s avatar is the first impression a potential candidate gets from your job tweet.

Have your Twitter Profile in Order

You should have at least some of the interesting details filled in. Remember, candidates are trying to decide for or against you glancing over your tweet and probably next your profile. If your tweet does not mention what company and location this is about, then people naturally would look at your profile next because it is just a tap away.

In the least you should have a nice profile picture, the company logo for a corporate account or a good portrait photo as an avatar. If your profile picture is anonymous, artistic or camouflaged then people will think you have something to hide. And – frankly – this is considered a bit childish … not something you want developers to associate with your job offer.

After glancing at your profile picture I will probably read your profile text because this is often amusing and most of the time it gives me a bit of an idea what kind of relationships to expect between you, your work, your private life. Not because I’m interested in stalking you but because you will probably become my coworker and the company culture most likely would become my own.

Some people need high octane, bleeding edge. Others like security and steady work. Your profile should somehow communicate which side of the spectrum to expect the job be be located in.

If somebody sees that you are geographically located somewhere where they can see themselves driving to work to then he’ll probably next check out the website you are linking to from your Twitter profile.

Recruiters, Websites, Headhunters … Sorry!

We developers consider ourselves artists and certainly we are not cattle to be herded. This is why we are developing an app to filter out all these types including all tweets that have links going to obvious recruitment sites, like Bullhorn, ZipRecruiter and

People want to connect with People. Plain and simple.

Twitter is getting spammed by recruiters posting links to their recruitment systems hoping that the plan mass of people on Twitter gets them some leads. And I am talking about professional headhunters that are not bound to one company. Especially US-based companies often after recruiters on staff that are hiring just for their own company.

There’s a world of difference between these and the used car salesmen or recruiting that we don’t like.

It is worth Gold to be able to tweet “Our Company is hiring …” as opposed to basically saying “Please somebody volunteer to work for this company X so that I get a month salary as commission”.

Some Useful Tips

I asked on Twitter for some advice that developers would give to somebody turning to Twitter for recruiting for his own company.

  • “Be short and to the point. Provide the critical details in the first sentence.” – @jtregunna
  • “add the town & country!” – @thatswinnie
  • “Include the location! Nobody seems to bother. I’ve seen many where they don’t. But it’s the single most important piece of info, and it’s not hard to add ‘SF’ or ‘NY’ or ‘London’.” – @stuartsharpe
  • “learn how to spell Xcode” – @myell0w
  • ” have a minimal knowledge of the platform and its history, and do not mix front and back-end. avoid the use of “ninja, warrior, rockstar”. Tends to piss off serious devs in bad days…” – @davmendels
  • “highlight the importance of the work: Will your product change the world?” – @samjarman

Some of this tips would probably also work for the job pages you probably want to include a link to. But the 140 character limit should be used wisely. Not filled up with SEO hungry hashtag overload.

Personally I like to nitpick, but we hate it if you misspell objective C or XCode, lump us together with Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone development or are asking for ridiculous amounts of experience, like the Super-senior iOS developer who probably has more years of experience than the platform actually exists.

We are thinking of retweets as votes for the tweet. Every retweet is a +1. Now how do you get people to retweet? By following the above hints and adding a bit of humor for good measure.

One of the most retweeted tweets of recent was this one:

“We’re hiring: iOS developer.

I’ll personally cook a 10lb Pork Butt for the person who refers someone that we’re able to place. I’m serious” – @workforfood

Granted this guy is addicted to pork in his own words, but an unusually large number of people retweeted this. It is missing all the essentials: who is that? where are they? how do I contact them? where do I learn more?

But this might also work as a strategy: hook and then reel in. If somebody finds that pork-fanatism resonates with his own personal philosophy then he will probably check out this guy’s profile page, look at the mentioned website and get in contact.


From my personal statistics I am estimating that around 10-20% of iOS developers are using Twitter. How did I arrive at this number? We know that there will be 3500 attendees to Apple’s WWDC. Of these I found about 300 through intense search on twitter. That’s roughly 10%, the same number can probably added for people who don’t use twitter actively or didn’t care for telling everybody that they have gotten one of the coveted tickets.

Because of this limitation you have to be careful about how to advertise for open jobs at your company. Don’t make the same mistakes as lead-hungry recruiters are making because unless you are a Rockstar-company yourself you will not ever find any Rockstars or Ninjas like this.

Oh and humor goes a long way…. if it is your style.

Runtastic – Linz, Austria

Runtastic, maker of 20 fitness apps so far, is looking for full time iOS developers. They are looking for full and part time developers to be located at their offices in Linz, Austria.

iPhone Developer Full Time (m/f)


  • Conception and implementation of innovative mobile apps
  • Connect external customer-services
  • Support in complex problem solutions
  • Technical documentation


  • Experience in iPhone development

Our Offers For You

  • Social environment on a level playing field as well as plenty of freedom
  • Work with a young team and to assume responsibility
  • The opportunity to create and develop great new innovations
  • Positions (part time/full time) with fair compensation (gross monthly salary starting from € 2,200.–)

Job Page, Job Profile (PDF)

Send your application to:

Deck5 Software – iOS Developer

New Chicago mobile app development startup seeking the best-of-the-best iOS devs! We’re charting a new course for mobile investing by developing a suite of iOS apps for a new generation of investors and we’re looking for a few wicked talents folks who want to embark on this journey with us. Qualified candidates must have a passion for coding, but they also must be well-grounded in solid software engineering practices. A passion for good coffee and a good sense-of-humor wouldn’t hurt either!

iOS Developer – Loop (Greater Chicago Area)

On a given day, you’ll be developing in Objective-C and as creating database models, REST APIs and applying various iOS frameworks to interface with cloud services using Sinatra and Rails along with social networking services such as Twitter and LinkedIn. We work in a close team environment with other developers, UI designers and mobile testers.

If you’re exceptionally good at what you do and are interested in participating in an adventure to shape an entirely new market where mobile technology intersects with financial markets, then we want to talk to you.

Desired Skills & Experience

BS in Computer Science or equivalent. 
Good knowledge of iOS, Objective-C, Object-Oriented Design and Development
Have developed a completely functional app for iPad or iPhone. (We will want to review it for functionality, architecture, design and coding).

Not Required but a major plus:
Core Data, GCD, iOS 5, RESTful Interfaces, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHP, Git, Github

Company Description

Our team is experienced and passionate about software development and, in particular, mobile app development on iOS. The market for mobile apps is already huge, yet still in its infancy. So we believe that the companies who deeply commit to mobile app technology today will own the future. We are one of these companies. We have already successfully delivered several world-class consumer and enterprise apps and are regularly approached to take on new projects. We believe in creativity, we believe in hard work and long hours, we believe in respect, we believe in the power of teams and we believe we have what it takes to become one of the great companies in the mobile apps development space.

To apply, please send your resume/cv to


With the amount of traffic I am seeing to my site and the amount of tweets that pass me by on Twitter I keep thinking, that there should be some sort of free service where iOS and Mac should be able to see what kinds of jobs there are out there looking for good people to take them on.

Quite recently I’ve seen several of those people that I know to be working for Apple tweet about that they are pushing to hire many new developers at the Mothership. And if you know how secrecy-loving Apple normally behaves then you know that this has to be a sign of true desperation.

The same is true for many other companies who have full-time recruiters on staff who are  scouring Stack Overflow and GitHub for any and all developers who are willing to let themselves be hired. And many of these show their desperation only too clearly so that famous developers like Sam Soffes felt prompted to create a “Shit List” of recruiters to avoid.

So I’ve been wondering: what if there was some sort of classified ads that developers who are on the lookup could subscribe to. What if there was a combination of a site for long-text job descriptions coupled with a Twitter account that would tweet links to these jobs as well as retweet jobs that I see tweeted about in my feed?

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